Monday, August 17, 2015

Book Review : Unafraid by Susie Davis

Before we start I would like it noted that I am in no way , shape or form being confiscated for this review. The following is my own opinion.

 Unafraid : Trusting God in an Unsafe World by Susie Davis.

I actually bought this book for one paragraph excerpt from the book that is on the back cover:
 "Though I don't know where your fears started or how deep they sit in your soul , I do know this: Fear is a heavy burden. One of the heaviest you can carry. It's exhausting and overwhelming. And it's not from God."

I knew that's where I was at, totally exhausted with not only dealing with fear but fighting it on my own. This book was such an encouragement to my soul. If you are a fear-er ( a term from the book) like me and the author ; than let me tell you this book is what you need. Susie Davis walks you through her life and fears, making you feel like you're not alone in these feelings. But she slowly points out why as children of God we were never meant to live like this. Fear-ers have to learn to trust God and depend on him for safety.

 I never expected to feel so connected to a book, it was like reading my secret thoughts, right there in print.

If you find yourself consumed by fear and anxiety: this book is Amazing!

On a ending note here is part of the book I highlighted to give you a sneak peek:
 "Because fear is not beautiful - it is dark and ugly. An oppressive master. A gruesome monster. The lure of safety ends in unfaithfulness to God. When I give myself over to the what-ifs and oh - nos, I am a whore for worry. A harlot for fear.So I must do something brave and uncustomary. I must live my life without these big, forceful ideas of culture that say, " Be safe. Be careful." And I must break open the box of my perceived safety and spill it all over Christ's feet. Emptying all I am and all I hold dear to God alone." 

Forever and Always,

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